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It was all about staying ahead of the game many years ago; transmitting colour television instead of black and white, recording in stereo instead of mono, high definition and more recently 3D are state-of-the-art and are pushing the boundaries even further, but something that has never changed is the mind-set of the technicians behind the camera or at the base of the transmission tower.

Our company was founded by a BBC ESTI, Television and Broadcast Engineer so from the ground up, we believe that striving technical superiority gives us an edge and make us a cut above the rest. The bulk of our workflow utilises industry standard Sony® XDCAM technology. This highly capable platform allows us explore your creativity in great detail and ease and because our editing systems use Sony® Vegas editing software there is super-fast, lossless compatibility with the Sony® XDCAM footage. We are able to export to virtually any format, offer subtitling and translation captioning, digital grading and correction and graphic composition. We have 12 cameras ready to deploy at the drop of a hat but can secure an unlimited number more to fulfil demand.